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ASCE’s Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Program recognizes historically significant local, national, and international civil engineering projects, structures, and sites. Through dedications, a physical plaque on site, and an online historical record open to all, the landmark program:

  • Increases public appreciation of civil engineering contributions to the progress and development of society;
  • Provides civil engineers with an historical awareness of their own profession for both practical insights and pride;
  • Encourages, where appropriate and feasible, the preservation of significant historic civil engineering works. Preservation can include documentation of the landmark, maintaining the landmark, etc. and 
  • Fosters the inclusion of civil engineering landmark information in encyclopedias, guidebooks and maps.

Note:  The ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmark program is strictly a voluntary recognition and is not affiliated with any governmental or regulatory authority. Designation as a Landmark does not create any legal obligations on the Landmark’s owners or operators, government agencies, ASCE, or any other person or entity. Designation does not impose any restrictions or limitations on the owner’s ability to alter, rehabilitate, or replace the Landmark.

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Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks

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