ASCE Key Contacts influence the policy process at the state and federal levels by developing relationships with elected officials. By meeting and making contacts with your elected officials in several ways, you can achieve true conversations about issues important to the profession, and become a trusted advisor when bills are drafted or considered.

  • Meet with your elected officials close to home by requesting a back home visit.
  • Attend the Legislative Fly-In to learn about the latest issues affecting the profession and lobby your Representative and Senators directly.

Become a Key Contact 

What is a Key Contact?

A Key Contact is a self-identified ASCE member who is interested in public policy. Key Contacts agree to receive Key Alerts via email notifying them of public policy developments that need membership action.

Questions? Email our staff to find out more.

What do Key Contacts commit to doing?

At the most basic level, a Key Contact commits to subscribing to Key Alerts and taking action when they receive those emails. The requested action is usually sending a pre-drafted email or personal email to your legislators or legislative staff in support of ASCE priorities.

What is the time commitment to be a Key Contact?

The time commitment varies depending on your interest in public policy and willingness to engage in the Key Contact program. It only takes a minute or two to respond to a Key Alert and send the pre-drafted email ASCE provides. All you do is enter the address where you are registered to vote. A personal email may take a little bit longer. Other opportunities and leadership roles within the Key Contact program require more of a commitment. The minimal commitment would most likely require no more than 10-15 minutes during a very busy legislative month.

Are there requirements to be a Key Contact?

You must be an ASCE member in good standing (update-to-date on your dues) and have an active email address listed in your ASCE account. Because we only advocate for public policy issues in the United States at this time, you must also be a U.S. citizen.

Advocacy Captain Program

ASCE has created the Advocacy Captains program as a way to improve the Society's advocacy capabilities at the state level. Advocacy Captains are a specially trained group of Key Contacts that are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to be a successful advocate.

Responsibilities of Advocacy Captains

  • Serve as a liaison between the section or branch and the ASCE Government Relations staff.
  • Promote ASCE’s priority issues related to civil engineering profession to elected officials and office holders, including state licensing boards.
  • Coordinate government relations efforts with other section and branch committee activities.
  • Recruit other volunteers to assist with section and branch government relations efforts including recruiting Key Contacts.
  • Promote government relations activities and Key Contact program to groups of ASCE members, e.g. MRLCs, region meetings, institute conferences, brown bag lunches at work, etc.
  • State leader at Fly-In (required) and assist GR staff with selection process.
  • Provide quarterly updates to local sections/branches on GR issues.

If you are interested in becoming an Advocacy Captain, please reach out to [email protected].